Aerotechnic offers Confetti, Confetti Cannons, C02 Launchers, Streamers and Confetti.

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Confetti and Streamers both Flameproof and Non-flameproof. Cannons, Party Launchers,
Air, Electric, Sky, CO2. Lots of Accessories CO2, Paper Products, Repair Parts.

Propel Confetti & Streamers out into the crowd with our unique
Air & C02 Launching System

Dozens of Models & Variations to Choose from
•Safe to Use
• Cost Effective
• Immediate Shipping
• Shoot T-Shirts
• Easy to Use
• Huge Inventory
• Use Indoors or Outdoors
• Fun for Everyone
Aerotechnic is a Sub-division of Special F/X

Aerotechnic offers Confetti, C02 Launcher, Confetti Cannons, Streamers and Confetti. There's something available in every price range! Aerotechnic offers many types of Cannon devices which include C02 Party Launchers, Confetti and Streamer Cannons. Cannons operate on Air, CO2 or Electric Fan Driven Motors. Be sure to check them out, there is one available in every price range!! Our Confetti and Streamer line ranges from mini to mega sizes, available in flameproof and non-flameproof types. Our Confetti line includes Metallic, Mylar and Tissue mix. Our Streamer line includes Tissue and Specialty Streamers. They are available in Metallic, Mylar and Tissue.

Monthly Specials For February

Large Four Leaf Clovers (stacked packs)
Price: $16.00  $12.00
Save: 25% off

Flash Coins (sleeved 50/50 mix)
Price: $24.50  $19.50
Save: 20% off

Mega Mortar 2" x 14"
Price: $249.00  $209.95
Save: 16% off

Multi color UV Turbofetti (12 pk., FR)
Price: $12.00  $9.90
Save: 18% off

Pocket Bazooka
Price: $99.00  $75.00
Save: 24% off

Refill Kit #4
Price: $15.00  $13.00
Save: 13% off

Refill Kit # 5
Price: $18.00  $15.00
Save: 17% off

Microfetti ™ Stacks (24 Stack Pack)
Price: $15.00  $9.95
Save: 34% off

35' Split-Comet Streamers (12 Roll Pack)
Price: $10.00  $5.00
Save: 50% off