Cluster Cone


Function/Purpose: Helps propel confetti to much greater heights!

Cluster ConeA Cluster Cone™ is actually 1/2 of a lifter cup. When inserted properly, it will propel confetti to much greater heights. The reason for their success is that they are more aerodynamic which in turn shields the underside cargo from separating too early. A regular lifting cup flips the moment it leaves the tube. This is because of the frontal air moving against the rim part of the lifter cup. Nevertheless, the lifting cup is essential for operation on 2" and larger cannons so always use them. The Cluster Cone, on the other hand acts as a booster rocket and when several are used (as noted in barrel illustrations) grater heights are gained with confetti. As Joey Magic from our west coast test site puts it, "Its like a nose cone, protecting its cargo until it reaches its separation point!"

Streamers do not benefit much from cluster cones because they need wind resistance to assist in unraveling. However, you may get some altitude gains from the shorter 18' streamers, when clustered between two cones. Streamers more than 25' long may not achieve their full potential, when placed between cones, so keep them down  on the lower section of the barrel. Contrary to this, stadium sized cannons using higher pressures and longer barrels may benefit from the use of cluster cones and streamers, but the average user will not encounter this need.

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