About Us


Aerotechnics™  effects are not to be confused with pyrotechnics.  Our effects utilize air or CO2 gas to deliver a dazzling display of safe, non-pyrotechnic novelty effects resembling colorful fireworks, but without the danger.  In addition, we strongly believe that our selections of Aerotechnic accessories offer you the safest, most dramatic effects to date!

Most of our devices operate on disposable CO2 as the propellant and are triggered manually or electrically.  However, some of our more advanced models work with high volume air and produce high power results. Whether you are in a 10' room or outdoors, one of our unique fireworks' simulators should fit your particular needs and budget.

Our comprehensive line of streamer and confetti styles are unsurpassed in quality and originality. Produce a grand finale event you won't soon forget!  We proudly offer same day shipping from our huge inventory and return all calls, even after hours. 

How did Aerotechnics come about? Well...believe it or not, out of pure necessity. From 1974 through 1986 we manufactured theatrical pyrotechnics. After 12 years of production in New Jersey, state regulations and restrictions along with liability risks made it too costly to continue manufacturing in our state. We then went into publishing and consulting with our Special F/X News Journal, a technical bimonthly newsletter covering the use of theatrical pyrotechnics. Through our contact with the theatrical companies we quickly learned that New Jersey wasn't the only state putting strong restrictions on the use of pyrotechnics. With so much confusion from state to state, we realized that an alternative to pyro was much needed. We shifted our design efforts from pyro to "Simulated Fireworks" which began our line of Aerotechnic products.

Aerotechnics™  are widely used in grand openings, corporate presentations, trade shows, weddings, kid's parties, and magic productions. We supply many celebrities, touring groups, rock bands, political campaigns, television specials, sporting events, stage shows, movies, casinos, theme parks, churches and cruise lines.

In addition, we supply many world tours and have shipped to most countries around the globe. We know how to handle the logistics and get it to you on time!